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Kids Reading Outdoor
Our Inspiration 

The first 7 years of our lives are proven to be our most influential and the environment throughout that time, can shape 95% of our life. So we want our books to help assist in building children's Self Belief, Confidence and Positive Outlook in that time to prepare them for their lives ahead.

Our Goal 

Our aim is to show children that anything can be possible for them, no matter where they begin. As long as they have the right mindset and skills which we will help them develop, then they can follow their dreams and passions. 

Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories 

  1. Strengthens relationship between adult and child.

  2. Creates new happy memories.

  3. Improves language development.

  4. Increases imagination. 

  5. Learning important life skills. 

  6. Builds vocabulary.

  7. Encourages engagement and conversation. 

  8. Helps bring out the inner child in us all.

Book Designs

Our books have been specifically designed, so that they are easy to handle for children by having them printed at size A5. They are gloss covered so that they are durable and stay vibrant for longer when used for every bedtime.

The font is always printed so that it easy to read and the books are full of bright colourful illustrations and information to keep the children entertained throughout. 

Adam L Starkey

Adam L Starkey

"Believe it and you'll see it".

Adam is 32 years young and lives in London. He has always had an amazing imagination in which he is now using to improve the world through his books. Since school he has struggled with dyslexia, but hasn't let that hold him back. He travelled the world from the age of18 to 21, returning to pursue his dream of acting and also his passion in wanting to help children by preparing them for their future. So that they have the confidence and knowledge to be able to follow their dreams.

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